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So I am stressing out about taking my CNA skills and state exam next week. I really hope I get it and Ive been following the book "Taking Care: A guide for nursing assistants." It seems very helpful but I'm just nervous about how I will perform. Anyways for all of those CNA's out there I was wondering what is the next step? Are you planning on going to an LPN class or an RN? I wanted to go straight for my RN but I dont think I am smart enough and people are telling me it is difficult to balance school and working as a CNA.

What way have you found to be the successful route for you and why?

Its hard trying to figure out what to do when your clueless.

good luck!! I'm taking my test next wednesday and I'm a bit nervous but for what I have read , as long as you feel ready you will be good to go :) ..

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no i am just like you. i am taking my CNA skills test next month and although im excited, im nervous as well.

BtW about working while in nursing school, I plan to be a CNA through finishing my pre-reqs and while I am in nursing school. i have always worked and done school and if your used to it then you can do it, if not then just do school...but some of us dont have that choice

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I am in the same boat you are! I'm taking my state test in two days and I am nervous on how I will do with the skills test. There are some steps in bold that we cannot miss or it's an automatical fail...I just hope I don't get so nervous that I forget those steps!

I plan to find work as a CNA for a while to gain some experience and then I will look into finding a CNA to LPN program somewhere. I want to go beyond a CNA but not quite as far as to be an RN, so that's my plan. It is a tough decision, that's for sure.

Good luck with your state exam and making the decision that is best for you! :)

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Well I did my state testing yesterday, now it's just wait and see. My biggest fear of forgetting one of the "bold" steps didn't happen. In fact I really don't think I missed any steps. I just ended up rushed because time was running out. The written test so VERY hard. Not at all what I anticipated. I felt very studied and ready for the written....much to my surprise, it was not at all easy. At the least the test version I had. So I'm hoping next week I will be able to announce that I passed....but I just don't feel super confident.

Going straight to RN.

You can find places that have a "bridge to rn" program. They will pay your tution but they usually have time requirements. You can be there for a yr before they will let you do it but then you have to sign a contract that you'll stay with them for a max of (i believe) 3 yrs.

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