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CNA needs experience


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I am recently certified as a nurse assistant, however I can only find a part time job as a caregiver (doing home health). It's really difficult to get into hospitals or do any agency work. So my question is if I keep doing what I do as a caregiver, or find a job at an assist living facility, would that increase my chance of getting into hospitals? I heard not all experiences are the same. Some people get stuck working in LTC or home health after a while and can never change their career. What do you think? I don't know anyone from the hospital, so how can I get in?


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I was told from several sources that hospitals hire CNAs who have one year of experience.

Me-wanting to work at a hospital, immediately found a job at a LTC. A few weeks short of my one year anniversary I started applying to hospital jobs. I got an interview, and then I got the job!

Some people will tell you that it's hard to get jobs in hospitals if you don't know anyone, and that getting jobs as a cna with no experience is hard. I must be really lucky then, because I got both of my great jobs during terrible economic situations. If you are a great interviewer and a great worker you will be fine. Just hunt down those jobs, call and ask to speak to HR directly, and don't take no for an answer. Make it easy for the company to hire you. When I called HR of the hospital I work at I told them I had the one year of experience that they were looking for, I'm flexible, easy to work with. I told them adored working with patients, and that it is my passion. Let them know how much you love being a CNA. Tell them that you are excited to come to work to care for people.

Who wouldn't want an interview with someone like that?

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The mayo clinic and some of the banner hospitals accept 1 year of customer service as valid experience. I have also seen a few postings in the past 2 weeks that stated you could work w/o experience even while getting your certification as a CNA for banner, so keep loocking and don't give up!

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