who here is CNAII's? and what state do you live in.

  1. I was wondering what states have CNAII?
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  3. by   GeminiTwinRN
    I'm an NATII, probably the same thing. It just means we're crosstrained to do 3 jobs, and I make a little over $10/hr.

    oops, I forgot. I live in KY.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Only certification in PA is for CNA/CHHA no level's here.

    Hospitals good at developing assistive roles that fly under health care regulations with many different titles.
  5. by   jb2u
    I know OR and GA have cna II's.
  6. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    What exactly is a CNAII? I thought the only other level for CNA was MCNA?
  7. by   jb2u
    Quote from niko1999
    What exactly is a CNAII? I thought the only other level for CNA was MCNA?
    In my facility the cna II's have extra training so that they can draw blood and check blood sugars. Nothing major!

    The question is what is a MCNA?
  8. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Well, I dont know if its called this elsewhere, where I am its an LNA who can dispense meds. So they are a MedCNA. I can do blood sugar, but I cant draw blood. Plan on taking a phlebotomy course this fall
  9. by   jb2u
    In GA it is a Medication Aide, but it is in the "test" phase as of now. It is also limited to outside hospital settings. There are very strict rules as to where they will use Medication Aides. After the test program is over, I believe it is in Atlanta, they will evaluate the use of the Med. Aide and decide if they want to continue/expand the use of them.
  10. by   ccyrrus

    I am a CNAII and live in Maine. The CNAII class that I took, covered all of the material that I learned in my CNA class, except that it was more in depth. It is also a "Preceptor class", so that I can orientate new CNA's. Basically, it just looks good on paper, and qualified me for a small raise in pay. It might help me in the future, should I choose to get into a hospital setting. Right now, I work in LTC.

    I am thinking about taking a Med-Tech course, which will enable me to dispense meds. In Maine, this is an entirely different class than a CNAII class.

  11. by   Maverick80
    . I live in an area where there are 6 or more major hospitals (not counting all the little hospitals within the different Health systems) all within 1 1/2 hours of each other. All of the hospitals seem to call them different things. Cleveland clinic calls them one thing University Hospitals calls them NA's and NAII and Akron General where i work they call them Nursing Assistants (STNA's) then they have Senior Tech's and Nurse Tech's. Nurse tech's are strictly nursing students, who are at a 4 year accredited university. Senior tech's are a mixture of Nursing students and STNA's. The STNA's get further training from the hospital to get the position and the nursing students have to have there first clinical. The Senior tech's are Primarily in the ED because they need more skilled people. Although they are working on trying to get some onto the floors. We do blood draws, Foley's, EKG's, assist with trauma's as well as other things. There aren't many baths given in the ED. I am a nursing student who really wanted to work in the ED. I am from an 4 year accredited university, and i didn't really want to work on a floor. There's something about emergency that i'm drawn too. I had a chance to get my foot in the door and i took it. (with hopes of working in the ED as a new grad, and thought this is a great way to get my feet wet) I'm a senior tech, because they don't primarily keep Nurse tech's in the ED (over half of the ST's in the ED are NS at my school), sometimes they will float down, but they are never there much. Senior tech's there are sometimes up to 8 and as little as 2, usually on night shift. Yesterday we had 9 tech's, one tech was orienting another, and a nurse tech working in the ED and we were swamped, you didn't see one tech sitting around doing nothing!!

    probably more then you wanted to know, but if you have any questions just let me know!! i got to typing and i couldn't stop....lol!!
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  12. by   ashleyjean3
    I am a CNA II and live in NC
  13. by   kieta2006
    Hi. im a Medication Tech. and i live in Missour in a rcf1 we do quit a bit of the nurse work in stead of just medicine which i don't think is fair we even have a CMA doing the same thing we do this is very upsetting to because i think our jobs is on the line do to we do admissions, readmits,put orders on the charts, d/c orders in patients charts,do labs orders,call and faxs for the 3 months DR's signatures,nurse notes,monthly vitals in charts.
  14. by   SmileyCNAII
    Hi, I live in NC and am taking the class to become a CNA II. The extra duties that a CNA II can do are: Insertion and d/c of Foleys, set up of IV fluids, trach suctioning, colostomy care, tube feedings, oxygen therapy, fecal impactions, wound care (over 48 hrs old). At the ED where I work we are called Health Care Techs (HCT).