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Hey everyone! Just wondering where all the Medical Assistants are at? How are you guys doing in your career? Do you have jobs? Are you certified? Just checkin in with the MAs...As for me I... Read More

  1. by   CMAtoRN
    Quote from sharieka alicia
    Im an MA! I graduated in July 2010...then got my job at an OB/GYN in August 2010...been there ever since. Just yesterday i was accepted into Nursing School to do my BSN in 2yrs (Pre-req's done) so im still on cloud 9! Super excited!
    Nice!!! I can't wait for the day I get accepted to Nursing School!!! Good Luck!!!

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    Quote from ummnasim
    Hi CMAtoRN: I am interested in about being a MA. I have a few questions:
    a) What were your classes like?
    b) What is the average pay for a MA?
    c) What is a typical day like for you?
    I hope this isn't too much. I am currently a teacher but I have always wanted to work in the medical and eventually be a nurse. However, I cannot completely stop working and go to nursing school full time at this time since I have a 1 year old. I would like to get my foot wet in the medical field to see how its for me. Anyway, thanks for the info!
    First Hello!

    What were you classes like? Well I went to a vocational school so I only had one class, but we had different modules. They were great! It really depends on your instructor and how they have the class organized. My instructor was a flight nurse and a NP in Oncology and Hematology, so she was wonderful and pushed us. It also depends on how you adapt to the tasks of a medical assistant. I did exceptional well, I was even given the task of being a class manager to the other students

    What is the average pay? I would say it depends on a lot of things. Realistically hospitals get pay the most. With clinics depending on the clinic and state you can start of minimum wage. But in my area California most of the MAs I know start off atleast at 14-18 dollars an hour. Hospitals pay more than clinics of course. But I would suggest you google the average salary in your area for medical assistant.

    A typical day for me is coming in to work early making sure all of the charts are up for the patients who are coming in for the day. Then I assist the Physician if he needs me for any procedures. I also room the patients, check them in and out, take their vitals, make sure they are in the right position and that the room is prepped correctly for any exams. I also administer injections, obtain blood samples, perform urinalysis, and do some administrative work as well. It really depends some days I'm doing only one thing in one department and sometimes I'm helping with everything! lol so it depends.

    And no this wasn't too much
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    Quote from breezy21
    I'm nationally registered and have a job in Utah for a Derm. office. I am trying to finish up my pre-requisites for Nursing also, hoping and and praying to get in next Spring.
    Thank you for commenting and Good Luck!!! I can't wait til I get done with prerequisites! Whew! lol
  4. by   kitakisses
    HI,i'am not a M.A but im a future m.a im currently finishing up my cna classes so hopefully i find a cna/ma job wen im done (live in chicago)
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    Quote from kitakisses
    HI,i'am not a M.A but im a future m.a im currently finishing up my cna classes so hopefully i find a cna/ma job wen im done (live in chicago)
    Hello! Welcome and Good Luck!!
  6. by   okiesue
    Thanks, I will!
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    Quote from cookiemonster84
    Solano and contra costa area
    Oh ok. Yeah I used to live in Vallejo.
  8. by   cookiemonster84
    Cool! Thats where i grew up! I work out of walnut creek now.
  9. by   CMAtoRN
    Yeah I'm trying to move back to the bay ..Sac sucks! lol
  10. by   CTH3989
    Hey everyone! I'm a CMA currently looking for a job.
  11. by   stormywi
    Hi everyone. MA Student here ... eagerly waiting for classes to start! I've done medical transcription for the past few years. It was a good career when I started in it but I've found working at home is too isolating and I like the idea of having both clinical and administrative job duties.

    I was a park time student last semester but will be FT for the next 2 semesters. I wouldn't mind going forward for LPN but as a single mom of a 7 yr old, I need to work full time once I finish MA so I don't think that will be possible (not until he is much older).
  12. by   LilacHeart
    CMA here, entering my nursing program this fall....at age 53!

    I've worked in asthma & allergy, neurology, dermatology and pulmonary medicine as well as general practice. I decided to take the last part of the summer off to kind of get myself mentally prepped to start school in the fall, also to get a few things done around the house as I know I'm not going to have any spare time or vacation time once school get rolling.
  13. by   CMAtoRN
    I am looking for a job too CTH3989! I just passed the pre screening test for Sutter Health so I am waiting for an interview now