What was your job training like?

  1. Just wondering what everybody's training process was like once they got hired as a CNA. How long did it last and did you follow somebody around the first few days? I am extremely nervous about dealing with residents for the first time and wondering if we are expected to jump in there with the knowledge that we've learned from the CNA course or will they give you some tips and specifics of how everything is to be done at their facility?
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  3. by   JaredCNA
    You probably don't want to know what my job training was like. But if you're just dying to know, I'll tell you that it really prepared me for how to handle stress and time management.
  4. by   snoflake929
    whats one more horror story? lmao
  5. by   jules3978
    I worked at 2 skilled nursing facilities before being hired at the hospital where I currently work. Those first 2 jobs each gave me 5 days of training. The hospital gives new employees 6 weeks. I would say that after the training at the hospital, I wasn't the least bit nervous to be on my own, with my own patients.

    Don't know if that helps you or not...
  6. by   JaredCNA
    Quote from snoflake929
    whats one more horror story? lmao
    I was told by the head nurse that I was going to follow a tech for two days and watch her do everything...only assisting as needed, but would not have to provide patient care on my own and then on the 3rd night I would be off orientation and take 15/30 pt's.

    Not quite. First night, I took 15 pt's...took 2 hrs. to do all their 0400 V/S and I/O because I was sllloowww and so docs came in that AM ******** about WHERE ARE MY VITALS???!! Now, not only did I not know that they had to be done and charted in the computer by 0600, but I didn't get finished until 0700 with my last set of vitals. lol

    My second night of "orientation" I was told that I was going to be floated to another unit, but don't worry, there will be another aide for you to "follow." So I get there, and it's just me, four nurses, and 30 pt's. The nurses were too busy to help with vitals but this night I got them all done on time.

    Basically, it sounds totally horrible, but I'm a very chill kind of person and I think anyone that is can do just fine. It took me one night to learn what I needed to do and how to do it...and since then I've worked 11 months on the same floor and have never been late on AM vitals.

    Now our aides get like a ridiculous 3 weeks of orientation, and I'm sure you'll get close to that. Don't worry-- they won't put you with a crappy CNA.
  7. by   DreamyEyes
    I had a day of classroom orientation (boring!) and then 2 weeks of orientation on the floor. I followed someone the first couple of days and basically just watched (and helped)...after about a week, I started taking on assignments myself. BUT, there were 2 other CNA's on the floor I was on, so I was never really by myself and could always ask for help if I needed to. I was really nervous the first couple of days, and felt like I was in the way more than anything. But I got the hang of it really quick. I'm sure you will to! Are you going to be working in LTC or a hospital?
  8. by   snoflake929
    Quote from DreamyEyes
    Are you going to be working in LTC or a hospital?
    It will be in LTC.
  9. by   stine75
    I start my orientation on the 3rd of December, so I'm not going to be of much help.....but from what they told me today, the first few days are paperwork and videos,etc (casual clothes)....and then after day 4 or 5 I'll be on the floor with another CNA for the first week or two.
    Hope that helps!
  10. by   Knorremeisje
    My orientation started with two days classroom orientation. The first day was general hospital orientation and the second day was specific PCT orientation, where they showed us how to do our new clinical duties such as DC of IV's, inserting Foley's etc. Later that day you meet your charge nurse and clinical director. They will go over your schedule with you and assign you a preceptor you will follow. During the orientation you get a package you need to complete before you're out on your own. Another PCT or a nurse needs to precept you and sign you off on all the skills from transferring a patient to inserting a foley catheter. I was done in about 4 weeks with no previous CNA experience, they will give you up to 6 weeks if you need it. It was a great experience for me.
  11. by   ShyGecko
    Our orientation so far has been a week (m-f) in a classroom. The first three days were general orientation, the fourth day was general clinical orientation, and the last two days were department specific orientation. Starting next week we have an additional 6 weeks of training on the floor with another CNA, usually a senior status one but not always. I'm lucky to be with one that is. (Senior status comes after being there for 15-20 years.) We work a normal three 12 hour shifts during the week whenever our preceptor is scheduled to work, and we have one day where we are x-trained to receptionist. We start out for one week with only 2-3 beds, then another week with 3-4 beds, then another with 5-6 beds, and then the rest of the time is a full load. I'm also going to be working nights, but they train us for 4 weeks on days, then we have the last two weeks on nights.

    This is a children's hospital, btw.
  12. by   RNMom2010
    I am in assisted living (dementia unit)and when I was hired on we got 3 days orientation. The first day we had to watch the video's and follow around a trainer. The next two days we could assist in doing cares as we felt comfortable and by the third day generally we would take a resident and complete cares on our own. It actually was plenty of training, and I wrote little notes on each resident so I would know who did what, who needed help with what. I just found out that now they have started an week long orientation, which I think is unnecessary for our work environment.

    When I worked at the hopsital before I even got my CNA I had only a day to follow another aide around, then I was shoved off on my own....needless to say I felt completely lost and was getting yelled at by the nurses saying I wasn't doing anything....I didnt know what to do!!
  13. by   Ginny Weasley
    Mine was horrible. The nurse, who hires people, he made me cry on the second day I was there because he said I acted like I was afraid of him. I'm sure you won't find yourself in that situation though. Just think positive.
  14. by   JaredCNA
    Oh, I also had a day of general orientation, but that's like where every nurse, every CNA, every cook, and every housekeeper are all in a room for 8 hours with one 10 minute break and a 30 min lunch and they just talk about hospital policies, parking and whatnot.

    Then I had one day of classroom orientation for CNAs which was half how to take VS and stuff we should already know and the other half was getting signed off as "competent" on our skills.

    I thought you were only asking was floor-specific training was like. That was Baptism by fire. :angryfire