Trying to find a program

  1. Can anyone help me find the closest program to my area for a CNA/PCA/STNA training program? I know a nursing home in my home city will train, but they require you to work there immediately following and I cannot because I attend school elsewhere. Additionally, we are not a big fan of the nursing home (pulled my great-grandmother out).

    Zip code: 44281... it is about 15 mins west of Akron, OH

    Thank you
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  3. by   PBAJS
    don't know the closest. this will help ...

    nurse aide registry requirements

    scroll down to last paragraph ...

    additional questions regarding these rules may be addressed to either the nurse aide registry at (800) 582–5908 (in state) or (614) 752–9500 (out of state). if you have questions regarding location and dates for nurse aide training classes you may call (614) 752–8285.

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    frequently asked questions regarding
    ohio’s nurse aide registry
    (last updated 8/30/06)

    8. where can i attend nurse aide training classes?
    you may call the nurse aide training competency evaluation program
    (“natcep”) at (614) 752-8285 for information about the location of nurse
    aide training classes.
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  4. by   TiggerBelly
    Maybe try calling some of the local hospitals and seeing if they know a school that would teach you.