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Hello everyone. My name is Kim. I am 40 years old and I think my kids are old enough now to where I want to go back to work. I will be starting CNA classes next month and I am just wondering am I... Read More

  1. by   bbmtnbb
    I agree with CNAMichelleC above that the job can be tiring and age is not a factor. Whether you are over 40 or are 20, the job demands effort physically. Physical well being and mental acuity is the key. I volunteer in a prgoram at my hospital and I have to tell you they work me ragged some days. I am 45. BUT there are more than a few nurses much younger than me and they breathe heavy crossing the floor. They are overweight, tired, weak and not the healthiest and yet I swear they are not past their 30's. Age is NEVER the factor. Who you are is and your capacity to do a job properly and your desire--yoru inclination--to be the best nurse. Not the best YOU can be-if you are out of shape like the nurses I mentioned then you are not a good nurse--so be the best nurse-cna or whatever and work hard. I hate it when people make anyone over 30 feel or sound old. Each individual is what matters not your age. My husband is fitter than me and he is 61. He has NO fat and solid muscle and he has no illness or need of meds. Just a good diet and healthy exercise plan. Follow that and you will do fine!! GOOD LUCK and GET STARTED!
  2. by   Twinkle007
    I am 32 ,I graduated from CNA Red Cross program last year , and now I am enrolled in LVN program. It's my second career I have B.A in some other area. It all depand on how do you feel about yourself , and also on your physical condition. Do you feel old?

    best of luck

  3. by   vega911469
    I am almost 40 and have been a cna for 15 years. I worked with a 70 year old woman who is also a cna and a "POWERHOUSE" its not about age, its all about stamina. Happy new Career! If you find that its to phisically demanding you can always go back to school for a Phlebotomist Certification later, Than you will have your cna and phlebotomy, and get a job as a Medical assistant. Its not so physically draining.
  4. by   kenyacka
    I had much older people in my cna course. Students were from age 18 to early 60's. I work with many 50+ women. They're usually much more patient and dependable than the fresh from high schoolers. You can do this!