Time for me to introduce myself.......

  1. Hello to all. I have been reading these forums for a while now and would like to introduce myself. I am Misslady and from NYC. I start my CNA training on May 18th YEA!!!! I actually got a grant from unemployment and they will be paying for it (thank God). I just got the news recently that my grant was approved and now Im on my way. I stopped by my school today and I saw the students in clinicals.. I am so excited.:spin: Kudos to all of you on this forum, you have helped me alot in getting to know what you do. I will keep you guys up to date and continue to be a part of Allnurses.com.:heartbeat Smooches. Wish me luck.
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  3. by   mncna08
    how exciting! good luck!
  4. by   Definingmyfuture
    Good Luck!!:spin: I start in August..we have such a long wait around here! I am so excited also...the start to my long journey of eventually becoming a RN!
  5. by   Cejai
    Good luck to you!