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Hello..I am about to begin an evening CNA program that is twice a week. I would like to also start taking a prereq class now to get things underway...they offer ENG101 on a saturday for 15 weeks or a... Read More

  1. by   Restoration
    Quote from Sart45
    The CNA course isn't hard (pretty basic stuff) it was just practicing for the State Board Exam that requires a lot of time...at least it did for me because I wanted to make sure I passed. Good luck
    Sart, can you tell me a little what kind of practice you mean for the State Board? Do you mean the for the Skills portion or the paper part (practicing the different possible questions?)
    Do you have any website for this info?

  2. by   Sart45
    Hi Restoration,
    I went into the lab and practiced with a guy in my class on the skills portion. Or I just practiced alone on the "dummies" (guess that's not the right term...).

    For the Board Exam we were given a written exam in the morning... maybe a few tricky questions but NOTHING difficult. In the afternoon, we did the practical portion. We were to know 24 skills but were only tested on 5 but you didn't know which 5 (other than washing hands). Everything had to be done exactly as it was stated in the handbook. We were given a copy of the Colorado Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook in our class. I don't know what state you are in so obviously you would get whatever is appropriate for your location . The booklet has all the skills and everything you need to know and done in a correct order (we practiced everything in class).

    I believe you can get this handbook through your State Board of Nursing or certainly in your class. Check the website www.pearson.vue.com and see if you can find it there. Feel free to ask any other quesions.
  3. by   Sart45
    I tried to edit my above response but it didn't work. The web address is www.pearsonvue.com. Sorry about that.
  4. by   Restoration
    Sart, thanks so much for taking the time to reply, truly this info helps my nerves

    Im in NY, I will look at the website.
  5. by   CrazierThanYou
    Go for it. CNA is easy as pie, no big deal if you have any brains at all. English 101 is another breezy class..
  6. by   monters
    Thanks so much for all of your responses. It helped me alot. I will be taking as many as possible online then the rest on wkends.

    just for the record, to the other poster..I am not a young mom by any means LOL...I am 39.