State Surveys

  1. Hello all. My facility is gearing up for State survey this month and its all abuzz with activity. At times it gets downright nutty with nurse managers and unit managers losing their minds and making everyone else crazy. I am relatively new and have never been through a state survey and was wondering if anyone of you guys have been through one and what should be expected. What happens on that day and is it as bad as some say? What are some of your experiences?
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  3. by   fuzzywuzzy
    I just went through my first one. It was nice because we were fully staffed the whole time! The state decided to nitpick certain things, which the DON and everyone rammed down our throats so we wouldn't get cited. Repo was one of them, so we had to follow everyone's schedule to a T. Aside from that it was okay. I work 3-11 and they really weren't around on our shift.
  4. by   dedream
    So its safe to say they usually show up on the 7-3 shift. LOL
  5. by   NM nurse to be
    State will be making it's appearance at my facility soon too. And I promptly failed peri care with our SDC yesterday, doh! I'm night shift though, so it's not too likely I will see anyone from state. But you never know. I also have 3 weeks leave starting next week, so if I'm lucky, I'll miss all the fun. I'm hoping for that!
  6. by   countrygirl1987
    don't sweat state. as long as you are doing everything the way you were taught in class you will be fine. I am in IL and they always come like 8-4 mon-fri. so off shifts don't usually see them but they still feel the stress. If your rooms are clean (nothing on the floor) and you patients are well cared for you are good to go. The nurses side of things is a lot harder than the CNA side.