State surveyors observed me

  1. OOhh my gosh, I don't think I've ever been soooo nervous in my life. Yesterday was the first time that I've ever been watched by a state surveyor. I don't think that I had a reason to be nervous because I take pride in my work and do it how it's soppose to be done and probably more but I'm one of those people that are stressed and nervous all the time about things. The whole time I was thinking "am I doing this right?" rather than just going and doing it like I normally do. She said that I did a good job but if they say that do they really mean it or are they just trying to lighten the mood a little? I tried to do the best job that I could but I'm still worried that I screwed up some where from being so nervous. I just hope that they don't get docked for something that I did, it would be a big let down for me.
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  3. by   meant4me2
    Wow!! I know the feeling!!! Especially when they ask a question that feels "off the wall" or the one you didnt expect!! Sometimes its good for the inspectors to come in and hang out for awhile...sometimes that is the only way to get the slackers to do some work!!

    Im sure you did fine!! Trust me, they can see right through people if they are trained properly. They know the ones who are "putting on".
  4. by   Meeds
    I'm sure you did fine. Being observed by the state is so nerve racking.
  5. by   Cls62011
    You couldn't be more right about the slackers!! It seems like the whole place does a complete change--the slackers, nurses, supervisors, etc. are all helping. Too bad it's only that way when state shows up, we could sure use the help any other day. Either that or staffing just needs to hire more people. But it seems like the ones who don't do there work the way they should are the ones who aren't even nervous. Well anyway, thanks for replying!!
  6. by   meant4me2 hit the nail right on the head!! The ones that do less do not even act nervous. Its a trip isnt it!! And guess what?? They never will...and usually the same ones stay at the same level. I promise you.

    Dont let anyone tell u that u overeact or whatever they try to say...thats their guilt. Ive played the games..heard everything you can imagine. Ive been told to take a chill pill...ive told very look at a different line of work:spin:...obviously this line of work isnt for ya!! have to focus on why you are there and how you can serve the patients..unfortunately we get to the place where we learn that we HAVE to move through the break out of the issues somewhat. I had to learn if i wanted to stay in healthcare..i HAD to move upward.:spin:

    So im still in school trying to go for "the goal!!!" Hang in ther..and never let em see u sweat!
  7. by   melisana
    Our facility will bring in extra Cena's to help answer the light and it is a huge huge shock when you see the administrator answering a light instead of having it go off until someone gets a chance to answer it. When state is there at least I get help answering my light from... ha slackers.