Should I apply for this job...? Advise please

  1. Hi....

    i am currently going thru CNA training and will test out on April 13th. Right now i am working part time at a grouphome for people with developmental disabilities, and i do like this kind of work alot, especially how flexible the hours are.

    However, sometimes I get bored and I am wondering if i should try to find a job as a CNA. There is a position open here at the hospital for a registered NA to work part time on med-surg and i am really really tempted to apply.... but i just don't know if a.) CNA training alone with no hospital experience even qualifies me and b.) if i would regret quitting my current job, because i have become quite attached to my clients and c.) if a fast-paced job like at a hospital or LTC would be too much to handle while i am going to nursing school (the grouphome job is pretty much stress free and i even have time to do homework at work occassionally).

    Then again, working in med/surg would be excellent experience..... so what should i do? anyone here a cna who works at a hospital? What's it like? How flexible is the scheduling? How stressful is the job? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated :-)
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Well, you don't have to quit to apply.

    Certainly, time to study is worth a premium. I would stay in the boring, secure job while in school.

    I'm an LPN in LTC so I can't comment about being a CNA in a hospital.

    Good luck.
  4. by   Irene joy
    I think if it were me I would definitely apply at the hospital for med-surg, or any other position available. The experience would be so valuble for when you start nursing school. Some times the hospital specify hospital exp. but other times they just want any exp. Also, they usually help pay for nursing school and most are pretty flexible about working around school. The job may be more intense, but if your only working part time or on weekends it shoud'nt be so bad. Just MHO. Good luck !
  5. by   aerorunner80
    What do you have to lose if you apply? Personally, I would go for the hospital job if it were offered to me but you have to decide what works for you. The job you're at now sounds enticing because it's low stress and you can study at work but then again, working in the hospital, you are going to see a lot of what nurses really do and gain invaluable expierience that will probably go right along with your studying. Hopefully you will get into a good unit and be able to ask the nurses questions.
  6. by   madophelia
    It sounds like we're in the same boat! I'm working in the same kind of job you are right now and will be able to take the state exam at the end of the month. It is nice having a low-stress job but one of the reasons I took the job was because it could count as experience even if it isn't in a LTC or clinical setting. My plan is to work part time - even just one shift a week as a CNA in a hospital if possible so that I can continue going to school to get my ADN and have the low stress job and get my foot in the door with CNA experience to keep my license active.

    Whatever you decide to do should work for you and allow you time for yourself. In the end its all about time management.

    Good luck!