Seeking Part-time CNA training

  1. I am a part-time student who would like to become CNA certified while I pursue my nursing degree. Are there any New Castle County, Delaware CNAs or other healthcare professionals who can provide any feedback on local evening or weekend CNA training programs?

    (DTCC Stanton, Camtech, etc?)
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    I am not in Delaware ... This page may help -

    CNA Training Requirements and Training Program Approval
    Anyone who wants to be trained to become a CNA in Delaware must enroll in a CNA training program that is approved by the Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection. All CNA training programs in Delaware must be approved by the Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection before they begin providing training.

    Please call the CNA Registry from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, for any of the following:
    List of approved CNA training programs,
    Application and requirements for providing a CNA training program, and
    State and Federal CNA regulations.
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    Thank you,
    I've actually been to this website and contacted their office. I have the list of approved programs, but am really just looking for feedback from someone who is in the field and knows about the programs either firsthand, or by working with people gone through the training.
    Thanks again!
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    You are looking for information for Delaware programs and training?

    Suggestion - start a new thread at Delaware Nurses.

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    Good suggestion - I didn't see a whole lot about CNAs in the local section, but I started a new thread there: now I'm covered on both grounds