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Can anyone tell what kind of supplies you needed and/or used for the CNA course. I really like to be prepared and am a supply junkie.... Read More

  1. by   raymonsgal
    Ye school I'm atha a nation background check because we are near 2 bases (Navy and Marine) its like $75 but otherwise normal stuff like mentioned above.
  2. by   CoffeemateCNA
    Don't forget the Post-it notes! I am a Post-it freak. They are so handy to keep in your pocket and useful as reminders for things you can't get to right away. They are also good for writing observations to give to the nurses. Just don't write down any names, etc., in case it gets lost.
  3. by   Ev1987
    Normally, You need a bp cuff, stethescope, textbook, notebook, pen or pencils, watch with 2nd hand, uniform, white sneakers. I think that was all I needed...
  4. by   blue cna
    I brought :
    -a 5 subject notebook because it has folders built in
    -a watch with a second hand (required for practicing vitals)
    -a couple pens and pencils
    -buy a couple sets of scrubs. your course outline you get before the class starts should tell you which color is preferred or if it even matters. most say white, mine said NO WHITES so we wont be confused with nurses.
    -white shoes
    -little pocket notebook to write notes, or record practice vitals on for in class AND in clinicals

    thats really all you need. not much to it. they supply everything else.
    you COULD consider buying your own gait belt. depends. the ones we used in class were a little too small for me to wear around my waist like the others could. after my class i was going to buy one but my mother in law ended up giving me her old one which was pretty big even though she is small...odd.....
  5. by   ijh6890
    Watch with a second hand, pens, highlighters, a 1 inch binder, and spiral is all we needed. Everything else was provided. You could get your own stethoscope and bp moniter but I doubt they'd make you buy that.