1. I know this topic comes up often and I was aware that this issue existed but never really got a taste of it first-hand. Now that I am in clinicals for my CNA training and in a recognizable CNA uniform that I wear to my facility as well as to classes at my college, I am starting to feel this lack of respect that I have heard about. It sucks. I don't understand why people would have this attitude towards the people who are brave and willing to take over the tasks that very much need to be done and that helpless people very much need. As much as this is a bit of a vent, I won't keep going on such an awful subject but I just wanted to put it out there like a contractual vow to myself that even when I am an RN that I will never mistreat CNA's the way I have witnessed. CNA's need way more recognition and respect (and pay) than they get now. So to all you CNA's: YOU ARE AWESOME and Bless you for doing what you do.
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  3. by   AmyB
    I am so grateful to be blessed with the CNA's that I get to work with. So many of them are dedicated individuals who are proud of the work they do and care for the residents like they were family.

    I understand that some may not show the respect you deserve, but many more of us are thrilled to get to work with you.

    Best wishes!
  4. by   Tweety
    I completely totally respect the CNA as a valuable part of my team, no less important, in fact probably more important since they are more hands on. I can't function without them.

    Respect is a two-way street, and it should be earned.
  5. by   WannaBeNrse
    Hey Desert Rain :-)

    Just wondering.... how is a CNA uniform different from a nurses uniform? i thought they all wear scrubs....

    about the respect.... try to remember that all the nurses had to start somewhere, too.

    I often feel looked down on, too. Not as a CNA (i am not a cna yet), but in general. But i have learned by now to ignore what other people think and focus on me & my family and the progress that WE are making. When we first started out here two years ago we were *really* poor. Now we still are, but not as bad ;-) and i am starting school and i am working, and we have two little girls (1&3). So I believe i have every reason to be proud of myself, even if i dont have a college degree yet. And once I do, we will know that we really worked our way up and didnt just get everything handed to us.

    So if you feel like a nurse is disrespecting you, just remember that either she was once a CNA too and unfortunately forgot about that, or she never was, and then thats too bad ;-)

    Hang in there :-)
  6. by   casi
    I think that most people associate CNA's with nursing homes and they associate nursing homes with butt/drool wiping and death. They haven't taken the chance to see what these places are really like or have the slightest clue what a CNA does.

    About a year ago I ran into an old friend from high school. Basic convo, what are you doing now.... I got in response "OMG! I could never work in a nursing home with all those dying people! I can't even go into nursing homes they just remind me of death!" I just kind of blinked. "I work in assisted living and I've only had one resident that was actively dying. The rest were attempting to live."