Resident Ratings?

  1. I would like someone in the Adult Family Home/Adult Boarding Home line of work to clear this up for me, please:
    My current employer, who owns and operates a six-resident AFH, recently mentioned to me in regards to a high-functioning new admit who arrived last week; "She came to us with such a low rating. Try to do everything for her you can even if you know she can do it herself because every additional thing we have to do for her will raise her rating."

    What, exactly, does that mean? It seems to fly directly in the face of what I was taught in CNA class about allowing a resident to do for themselves if they are able as much as they can to support prolonged independence.
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  3. by   mvm2
    I can't say i know what that all means, but I think that you are right. if you do too much for her you could make her feel worse about herself. I mean she won't want to feel like you are treating her like a baby who can't do things for herself. She does have self respect, and I feel if you don't allow them to do what they can for themselves you are going against their personal rights.
  4. by   rosey200735
    The more you do the more the facility can charge for care given.
  5. by   Skayda
    Quote from rosey200735
    The more you do the more the facility can charge for care given.
    Oooh! So, basically it boils down to my boss lying to insurance about a resident's care level and giving the caregivers unnecessary work to do in order to collect a larger check? Okay, that's bad for both the residents who will suffer from lessened self esteem and they will get used to things being done for them and it will cause their health to deteriorate, and the caregivers who aren't getting compensated for all the extra work.
  6. by   rosey200735
    Sadly this is the way a lot of places run.