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  1. So many topics I've made lately... sorry about that.

    Okay, so I've sent in numerous applications, but am now maxed out because I live in a small town and only have so many options right now.

    My question is, how many applications did you put in right after becoming a CNA, and how many of those places did you hear back from? How long did it take them to give you a call back?

    ALSO, I'm currently in the process of getting my GED, because I've noticed that it's a qualification in most of the places that I could potentially work. A couple of places I've applied to don't require it, but I have to know... Will a place hire me if I don't yet have my GED, but am taking the classes for it and have a test date scheduled? I really need to start working soon because my husband has been out of work (He works construction... :/) for 2 weeks now, so I need a stable job and want to know if this will be a problem.

    Thanks so much, guys!
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  3. by   pnkgirl25
    I keep a spread sheet of every job I apply for. I have applied for 284 jobs (all online applications or e-mail resume) since mid November. This includes jobs from craigslist, indeed, simply hired etc and jobs posted directly from the companies website. Out of 284 resumes I received one interview. It was for a FT position in a psych facility, they just called last night to offer me the job but instead of full time they offered me PRN...So the search continues. I'm going to take it and keep searching for other PRN or part-time jobs

    I'm in California and the job market out here is atrocious in any industry, nursing seems to be no different. You might have better luck in your neck of the woods.

    And to give you some perspective...I am a CNA, HHA, phlebotomist, ekg certified, have BLS and PALS. I also have 3 years experience as a caregiver...and still 1 interview of out of 284 applications.
  4. by   esand
    Well, I've got a few friends from my class who have jobs and they're also getting their GEDs, so it really must be your area. But thanks for the answer, nonetheless.
  5. by   havehope
    First off, I commend you for going back to get your GED. So many drop out and don't even consider getting that. Anyway, I graduated high school & received my CNA certification at the same time last June and I applied for a CNA job around the end of May. By the middle of June I was working as a CNA. I was so blessed to have gotten job so fast. I only applied to one and thankfully that was the one I got. Enough about me, I don't know your situation or what type of county you live in. However, I live in a small one myself. If I were you, I'd apply to everything you could. I would look at all local health centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and surprisingly a lot of people prefer home health. I'd check into any home health jobs or private care jobs. If, when you apply for that job it does not say "high school diploma required or GED required" I would apply for it. If it does not say anything about it, I would apply also. The way I see it is the worst they can say is "no" or "sorry we can't hire you", then you hold your head high and keep looking for jobs. Don't give up! Also, if it say's "GED required,etc" put "In progress"…again worst they can say is that they can't hire you.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   pnkgirl25
    Another thing, maybe it's just me, but I have never had a job ask me for my high school diploma or my college degree for that matter. I see jobs all the time test say one is required but never have I been asked for one so I would apply anyway.
  7. by   esand
    Thanks for the info, guys, it's eased my mind a bit.

    However, I haven't gotten a single call back. I'm slightly discouraged.