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I got my CNA certification about a year ago but I never used. I'm in Nursing school now, started my clinicals last fall. I'm taking fundamentals of Nursing this semester. I want to get a job in a... Read More

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    From what I know you could probably be a "caregiver" but you have to keep in mind what your scope of practice would be and if that's what the hospitals or LTC's are looking for at that moment. I have some friends who are going for recert's and working as caregivers in nursing homes right now and will probably have to look for new employment as CNA's when they get licensed again. You will proably have to contact your BoN to see what you can do depending on the state you live in as I know some states you can work for a while as a nurses assistant granted you will be getting your license in a given time frame.
    Actually, I have a current CNA license and work as a caregiver where I do things outside my CNA scope of practice. Since I wasn't hired as a CNA, and since my position doesn't require a license, it's *like* being unlicensed all over again. This is what I was told when I called the Oregon Board of Nursing and spoke to *** who is the head of the CNA department there.

    They could probably keep their jobs if their state(s) has the same set up, but it would be an excellent idea to call the BON in that state and double-check.

    So, can you work as a CNA without a license? No. Can you perform many of the same job duties in another position or under a different title? Most certainly, and without a license or even any experience.

    P.S. I should be clear, at work I do not call myself a CNA or even a Nurse's Aide. At work I am a Direct Support Professional, DSP.
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