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  1. My local hospital just posted this job opening for a Med/Surg-Peds PCA. Dumb as it sounds, I don't know if I'm qualified or not, and I'd rather sound like an idiot to you than the employer.

    I'm a third year BSN student with my skills labs and med/surg (adult) under my belt. I'll be doing Peds/OB come January. ANYWAY, I thought someone from my school had sent an email out saying that since we're BSN students we don't HAVE to take the PCA course to get the job. Anyone know how this works? I'm in Ohio if that matters.

    Also, what's CPI?


    Under the direction of a Registered Nurse, the Patient Care Associate provides patient focused non-licensed care, such as phlebotomy, and basic nursing skills, etc., to adult and geriatric patients to facilitate quality service outcomes.

    High School diploma or equivalent required. Completion of an accredited technical/vocational program in one of the following areas: Phlebotomy, Nursing Assistant or other related healthcare programs. Six months experience preferred as a Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomist, or other related healthcare position. Experience in acute care setting preferred. BLS and CPI required within ninety (90) days of employment or transfer. Ongoing renewal throughout employment. Demonstrates effective oral/written communication skills.
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  3. by   rancelumsden
    CPI is Crisis Prevention Intervention. As it says, "...within 90 days", I assume they provide the training on site, or close by. You may or may not have to take that on your own time.

    Hey, don't ask us --- go ask them.:chuckle Let the hospital tell you if you're qualified or not.
  4. by   PNCC2001
    In Wisconsin, the requirement for a PCA position is a CNA or Nursing Student with lst semester completed and one or two clinicals. I'm not sure if Ohio is the same.
  5. by   bluetiful4u
    I am a nursing assistant/ pca in buffalo new york and i came in with no health care experience at all (transfered from the cafe). However i do know we hire nursing students as pca 1,2,3 or 4 for each year you are in school. The pcas 1-4 usually float around where needed and just basically help out becuase they can perform certian duties that normal pcas cannot so they are called from floor to floor.