Patient care tech challenge quiz.

  1. I've been working for a few months as a nurses aide on a pcu floor, basically q4 vitals, emptying foley bags, and JPs, assisting with ADLs. Feeding patients who cannot, blood sugars. Basically the normal aide jobs except that its a pcu floor so all the patients have heart monitors and vitals are done every four hours where as on the other floors there q6 or q8 i also work 7pm to 7am. Full time.

    Tomorrow I have an interview on an ortho floor at a different hospital for a per deim sched. I have completed one year of clinicals the HR rep said there is a challenge exam where you have to think like a tech not a nurse. So what kind of questions would be on this exam. I know things like if vitals change drastically or BP is high or temp or pt is in pain blood in stool or urine when it hasn't been high or low blood sugar to tell the nurse. What other things will be on this exam?
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  3. by   SlaveHeart
    Are you in nursing school? Are you interviewing to be a nurse tech? Or as a patient care tech? If you are interviewing as a I would assume there would be a lot of questions on reading EKG strips and being able to recognize the different types of rhythms as well as some material on blood draws. I'm pretty sure the main things PCTs do that CNAs dont' are reading heart monitors and phlebotomy.
    However a nurse tech has a much broader scope and can do anything they have been taught in clinicals so far. Correct me if I'm wrong on that one!
    Also a little bit below this fourm in the student section there is a PCT forum too.
    Good luck!
  4. by   veroniicaxoxo
    It's for patient care tech. I am in nursing school. I have one more year left. I don't know too much about reading telemetry monitors yet. I took a phlebotomy class over the spring because i'm really interested in working for the iv team. So its basically just like a common sense have worked in hospital and am in nursing school so it should be pretty easy for me.
  5. by   veroniicaxoxo
    I found the test very easy, interviewed well. I just got a call that i scored and 86% which is passing and was offered the job!! Wooohooo
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