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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a new CNA and I just finished my orientation. I haven't been on my own for very long but I'm feeling very overwhelmed and unsure of myself. The residents I have are rarely the same ones I had in my last shift because I am part time. I feel like I keep forgetting little things and feel like I'm asking for help too much. One of my residents had a fall on her first day and I've been constantly worrying about just being a good enough caregiver for these people. I greatly enjoyed my clinical week and when I was shadowing a CNA I enjoyed that time for the most part as well. I'm just very scared to hurt someone and I feel like I'm expected to hit the ground running. I suppose I'm just nervous about what this could mean when I become a nurse with much more responsibility any advice for newbies to the nursing world?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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    You will get more comfortable as time moves on. For now, ask questions. If you don't know how to do something, ask. Everyone was once a newbie - just try to relax and absorb what you can but ask questions too.

    Best wishes
  4. by   Wannabenurseneko
    Well, you are in the beginning state so it's normal to be nervous and worried .
  5. by   lmichelle25
    Keep asking questions as needed. People don't mind helping or answering questions as much as our fears make us believe. Maybe the CNA that trained you would be good to go back and ask questions to or if you see another CNA you oriented with, you can talk with each other about what you've learned and what you feel you're lacking. When I was a CNA (at 16, mind you) I was young, inexperienced, and had a TON of questions. There was one nurse in particular who was very receptive to my questions and did a great job of answering them and she helped my confidence immenseley. I hope you can ingratiate yourself with the nurses and CNAs and find your fave to run to with questions! Good luck!!