nursing home and state first day on the job.

  1. hello i just got a new job about 30min away from where i live.i have only be there two days.the director of nurse had a meeting with the staff ,and told us the state has been there and and did not go good. the next time they find something they are closing they are having to pay 21,000 a day for the things they what was a big eye opener.they when we are in the hall it only one person for 40 pt they staff said we hope you stay but it's like this all the time.the staff a girl told me people come and leave when they want.The people in the office don't even talk to the pt they will be in their wheelchair and they will say hi but the office worker don't say do they think they are going to stay open the head person is tell the family that they are going to build a new one as soon as they get the money a family member told me he has been say that for about six year now.i feel i need to go and find something else.i wanted the 10 to 6 shift and they told me they don't need anyone for that so i took the 2 to 10 shift.they haired five of us at one time the head nurse ask what shift do you want i told her 2 to 10 two other girls ask do you have the 10 to 6 and she said you got it .i ask they for it when i feel out the app and they told me only have 2 to 10.i don't know please help me what would you do.
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  3. by   Irene joy
    I say, RRRRRRUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!! You do not want to work for a facility that, first of all,does'nt pass state inspections but second of all, treats it's residents in a disrespectful manner. You will only be experieancing dificulties if you stay. There are so many other options and facilities hiring. My teacher said, walk into a place and don't tell any body your there for a job. Watch the employees, how do they talk to one another, how do they treat the residents. Is the place clean and orderly or a dump. There have been places I went to check out where I did'nt evan get out of the car, just because of the look of the parking lot, the landscaping or lack thereof. Just trust your gut. Good Luck!
  4. by   DreamyEyes
    I definitely wouldn't stay there if you're not happy. Irenejoy is right, there are plenty of other facilities that are actually nice inside and aren't disorganized. I went through something similar as you- I just quit my first nursing assistant job because the nursing home I was working at was horrible and you could tell that all of the employees were miserable. I didn't want to risk being miserable, too!! So I got out of there as fast as I could. I would keep applying to jobs and checking out facilities in your area. Good luck!!
  5. by   amanda1229
    From what you're telling us, I say get the heck outta there. You just started, it's early, give them a good amount of time for notice and politely end your time there. You would have GREAT reasons for leaving when your next employer asks!

    Very few facilities just flat-out fail state inspections! And, you never, ever want to work for a supervisor who doesn't treat employees well, especially in health care. My DON asked me to work third shift, and I said I would do it for a month to help out, but then I wanted back to days. She tried to push it on me after that month and I told her no way -- I absolutely hated the shift and if I hated the shift, I hated my job, and then I wasn't there for the residents but just pushing through misery for a paycheck. That is NOT why I got into nursing! She appreciated the answer, and even though she was short an aide on nights, they had gained a good and enthusiastic aide back on days!

    You just have to find somewhere good and comfortable to work in. Don't stay too long and have your future employees see a closed facility on your references list!