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  1. I just graduate in june from the M.A program, and I'm trying to go back to school for a nursing degree. What's the best nursing degree to get?? I'm taking the CMA exam soon.
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  3. by   SlaveHeart
    Congratulations on graduating as a MA! I think just about everyones goal is to become a BSN but there are a lot of ways to get there. First tackle the academic prerequisites for the LPN and ADN programs in your area. See which one you get accepted into first and go from there. There are all sorts of bridge programs once you become a LPN or RN to get a Bachelors degree. I am just a CNA and have prereqs done so I'm probably not the best one to give advice. Good luck
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    Thanxs so much slaveheart but also what's preregs
  5. by   SlaveHeart
    Prereqs are the prerequisite classes needed to apply to a nursing program. Most schools require two or three classes in anatomy and physiology, general chem, biochem, microbiology, nutrition, psychology and developing psychology, statistics and a couple of english classes. Or some variation of those classes to apply. Most of those classes need prerequisites to register in them. For instance to take anatomy and physiology I had to take either intro to bio or intro to a&p the term before hand; to take statistics I had to have completed algebra II, to take the English classes I had to test in etc. Most of the classes needed to take prereqs can be completed in one term and the rest of the prereqs in one year if your nursing program has only a few prereqs or as long as 2.5 years if you need all of them and are at a impacted school. I hope that made sense I spent two years doing my prereqs then took a year off of school (I was accepted into an ADN and BSN program but could not attend) and have just become a CNA. I hope to start nursing school next fall, almost five years after setting off on this path!
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    Oh and LPN programs require less pre requisite classes and the remainder of the RN bridge pre reqs can usually be taken as part time classes while working as a LPN. I know quite a few gals who are excellent at patient care and communication that have done that I actually wish it is the route I took instead of doing all the academics first, lol.
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    Quote from Ro:)
    I just graduate in june from the M.A program, and I'm trying to go back to school for a nursing degree. What's the best nursing degree to get?? I'm taking the CMA exam soon.
    Congrats on graduating!!! I rarely see any posts on here about M.A's so its real good to finally see some feedback! I start my M.A program in september and I am really excited to start! You mentioned taking the state test to be certified, please fill us in on how that goes! If you have any feedback on how your job hunting went or externship experience I would like to hear about it too! =) Congrats again on graduating!
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    Congratulations on graduating! I am a current M.A student its been a week since I started, I'm taking my first exam tomorrow on infection control. Anyways,here's a website my teacher recommended to our class that will prepare us for the California State Exam. California Certifying Board for Medical Assistants *only for the California State Exam!!

    Ps. Please keep us posted on your experiences; job hunting, recommendations, or best ways to pursue the nursing career (RN)
    Best of luck : )