New CNA - questions from a newby

  1. I am a new CNA and have a couple questions. A lot of the nursing homes in my area do not hire entry level CNA's so I have started to apply with home health agencies. I go to orientation today for an agency that said I would basically be a "caregiver" for up to 6 months to gain experience and then could move into a CNA position. My hours working as a non-medical caregiver will not count towards my license....correct? And once I am employeed as a CNA with a home health hours will count? I don't understand how your hours are counted to keep your license. When you go to renew your license, do you have some form that you send in to show your hours worked?? Sorry if these questions seem silly, but you don't learn if you don't ask!

    Also, an "opinion" question. As a new CNA, are there any recommendations as to where to start; Nursing home, LTC or Home Health Agency? Clinicals seemed a bit crazy for the CNA I worked with. LOTS of residents and LOTS to do. I know I could do it with experience but it seems overwhelming to jump right in.

    Thank you for any replies!
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  3. by   KimberlyRN89
    You are in Arizona,correct(I assumed b/c of your name)? I looked @ your board of nursing & it said in order to renew your CNA license you need to work 160 hours as a nursing assistant in 2yrs. So as long as you meet those requirements you will be fine when it comes time to renew.Your agency will have a nurse sign off on your application you submit to the board. In my opinion though, I would not start out in home health. I think you should try & look into long term care facilities or assisted living facilities in order to gain experience & become more confident in your skills. Good luck to you.
  4. by   AzDeb
    Thank you! Yes, I am in Arizona. I appreciate your advice and I have to say you are probably right. It's not easy to get in somewhere as a new CNA but I'm going to keep trying! Thanks again!
  5. by   Saysfaa
    Don't rule out hospitals and rehab centers as places to start.
  6. by   Beccasaur
    I'm from California and to renew our licenses we need to complete 24 hours of continous training each year. My instructor said to keep every class you take in a binder with a name of the instructor, the date it was held on, and what was taught in the class. She said the state can randomly come down and 'audit' your education.

    I had a previous student, who's working now, tell us to 'do your time' in a nursing home because they always hire CNAs. He said you do get a lot of patients and a lot of work to do, but if your main goal is to transfer to a hospital then they take those retirement homes into consideration because it shows you know how to manage your time. Also, he said with hospitals, you get less patients so you become grateful with what you learned from retirement homes.
  7. by   AzDeb
    Thank you! I appreciate all the advice and words of wisdom!! I am starting to apply more at nursing homes. I know it will be hard at first, but jumping right in is what I need to do....and I know I can do it! I'm just exciting to start working! So if anyone that reads this thread knows of nursing homes in the central Phoenix area that hires new CNA's....let me know! Thanks all!
  8. by   RonnieDita
    I have definitely noticed that LTC and skilled nursing facilities are more prone to hiring new CNA's. They have high turnover and seem to need new nurses all the time.

    Good luck I just passed my state board on Friday and I'm searching for jobs as well.
  9. by   SHoward
    I haven't worked as a CNA in several years and am starting back. I worked 2 yrs in Assisted Living. My grandmother was in a nursing home and it was horrible! If this is where you choose, please remember your RESPECT for the client. Never loose site of the fact that this could be your mom one day-how would you want her treated? I know they are overworked, but nothing beats treating a person who has lost most of the control over their lives with Kindness, empathy and respect. Good luck!!