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  1. Hi!! guys'
    i'm new member and i feel so happy to be one of the member and be your friend, the reason i joined on this site is to find a friend or concern people to help and give some advice. a qiuck introduce my self, i'm from philippines, 26y/o and now i'm living in the usa with my husband, and graduated a CERTIFIED NURSING AID in my country Philippines, english is my second language so please don't discriminate my speach. "sorry i'm still learning to speak this language aswell, anyway guy's i'm planning to apply as a CERTIFIED NURSING AID "CNA" in home for the aged or nursing home and i have no previous employment if ever this will be my 1st job ever lol.. i hope you guy's can help me to give me idea what a possible question for interview to applying a CNA job. i want to be prepare incase they call me for interview and to get hire pls. guys help me will really appreciaten the help. thank you..
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    Good luck
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    Welcome aboard and welcome to the USA.

    You may find it easier to do a google search for interview questions. You can check this site out:

    That document is fairly comprehensive.

    You also might find some of the videos on this site useful:

    As for the English thing...keep practicing and ask friends to correct any mistakes you make.

    Good luck.