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  1. I'm currently a CNA in Indiana, my certification will be up in March but I have yet to work as a CNA. Right after I took my test in 2004 I moved out of state. This past August I moved back to Indiana to finish school and would like to get a job as a CNA. Since I do not have any experience I was wondering if anyone thinks that would be a bad idea. I've been reading through my CNA a book so I'm remembering some of the stuff. I could always get a temp. job until summer break and find a place to pay for the class again. I just need to figure out what to do now. I was also wondering if night shift was a bit easier than day...and what the difference was? Thanks so much!!!
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  3. by   Gooselove
    Night shift is usually slower paced than days.
  4. by   TBird81
    Well in our state as long as you work one eight hour shift within one year you keep your license. I would try and find SOMETHING just so you don't have to redo the class. That is just more money and a waste of time, really. Most places will also pay more for 2nd shift (3-11) considering its a "less then desirable" time of day. As far as the pace of the two shifts, day is typically busier because (again depending on where you work) there are Drs doing rounds, pt going to therapy, showers, two meals vs one, etc. At my job 2nd shift comes in pretty freaking close as being just as busy. The only thing we lack on the shift is doctors doing rounds and typically pts go to sleep around 8-9 so then you have time for charting/stocking/taking special care of those particular patients. I ALWAYS try to stay busy, not only does it look good but it makes the shift go by must faster!
  5. by   Veronica27
    yeah same with pennsylvania.. as long as you do that 8 hours in 2 years your in good shape.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Our state instituted a requirement for CNAs to complete 12 hrs of CEUs to keep their certificate valid. Check with the CNA auth to make sure nothing like this is required, or any other rule changes while you were gone.