Medical Terminology test?

  1. I am a new cna, and am applying for a job in a hospital. I have to take a test about medical terminology...........anyone have any help as to what this test might be? Places to study for it?

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  3. by   Daytonite
    i haven't a clue. i have never heard of such a thing being done with a cna. i can give you links to a couple of websites where you can get some help with medical terminology. i can't imagine that they would question you over more than just very basic terminology anyway. probably nothing more than you've already been exposed to in your cna course. here's the links for you to check out as well as links to a couple of sites that have lists of abbreviations and glossaries of medical terms for you to read over: - medical terminology in a nutshell with several short quizzes - organized into sections on word roots, suffixes, prefixes, how to read a medical term, and abbreviations - this really is more for someone taking anatomy, but it is medical terminology. the site the shows and tells you the anatomical planes of the body, defines terms of relation or position, defines terms of movement, and has a listing of frequently used medical terms in anatomy with their definitions. a reference you might want to print out for your anatomy notebooks. please note that once the page finishes downloading, there are links at the bottom of the page to more information. - this is a website maintained by the nursing students at lane community college in eugene, oregon. to access "our acronym (& abbreviation) list" click on "acronym list" at the left side of this page. - 10 page pdf file of common nursing abbreviations from indiana state university college of nursing - a 15-page glossary of common medical abbreviations
  4. by   LanaBanana
    I had to take a med term test for my job at the hospital. The kinds of things that were on my tests were BP, DC, TCDB, TPR, prn, ac, hs, wc, bsc, brp, IV, post-op, bid, qid, etc.
    They were pretty generic. The only thing I missed was wc (wheelchair) and admin (administration, but I said administer!)

  5. by   valifay
    I had to take one for my home health job, it was pretty easy. The test I took covered the basics like PRN, NPO, hs, TPR, BP, BRP and stuff like that. For a CNA they should only expect you to know the basics that can be found inthe back of any CNA training book. Good luck on the exam. I'm sure you will do just fine!