Long Term Care Vs Hospital

  1. Hi, I am a STNA and have worked in the long term care setting for almost three years I have worked in chronic care, demetia and currently assisted living. I am considering applying at a hospital I am working on my bachelors of nursing. Should I stay in long term care, or would I be better off working in a hospital. I appreciate your replys. Thanks.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    well, the choice is really yours. but, i can tell you that you will see more of a variety of things in the acute hospital. things move along faster in the hospital as well. the two environments are just different. in long-term care you really focus on attending to a patient's adls as well as getting to know the patient's very well. in the hospital, the focus of care is on their medical treatment and while you will also be tending to some of their adls, they are primarily there for medical treatment.

    i would say that working in the hospital will probably give you a good basis upon which to make a decision as to where you will eventually like to work when you graduate. i worked in a nursing home as an aide when i was a student and felt it was invaluable experience for learning basic hands on care. however, when you finally become an rn, the focus of your job will shift more to the management of patient care and a whole new set of skills need to be mastered. you will get to observe how many different rns handle these skills if you work in the hospital.
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    I say if you want to work in LTC as a nurse then stay in LTC, but if you want to work in the hospital as a nurse then work in the hospital as a STNA. That's what I did. I worked in a nursing home until I started nursing school.

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  6. by   bethin
    I have worked LTC and in a hospital setting. I knew right away that LTC was not for me. I like the fast paced hospital environment. I have learned soooo much there. I have d/c foleys, IV's, participated in codes, etc. If I ask a question, the nurses are more than happy to explain the reasoning behind their decision.