1. I have a job interview on Tues. at our hospital here in charlotte. Stupid question, there are SOOO many different departments I have no idea which one I would like to work in. Most of them I never even heard of. Any suggestions? I am waiting to take my test but Im not a big fan of blood or gorey stuff so is there a dept. that doesn't see too much of this. (I know why did I get into this, because I have a lot of TLC i want to give to people)
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  3. by   TiggerBelly
    Well as far as the bloody gory stuff goes unfortunately you will see probably about everywhere. Of course you'll see it more in lets say the ER instead of maybe Peds but that stuff comes with the territory. When I got hired at the hospital, I didn't get to choose what dept I wanted to work in, they had an opening somewhere so I filled it. When they need someone on another floor, they are allowed to pull me and I'll float to wherever. I think that may be the best way to find out where your strong points are, working in different units and seeing what all goes on. Good luck to ya
  4. by   xonforefunx
    Sounds like my best bet would to be in the floater pool until i like what i find. Thank you