I am so frustrated at my new job!!!!!

  1. I started working at a LTC facility last week. I enjoyed the residents and a few of the CNA's. However, there is one CNA who is 19 and she is so rude to the residents, especially those who can't talk or defend themselves. It breaks my heart and I want to grab her by the arm and tell her to knock it off! She tosses them around while getting them changed or moved. She even talks to them like they're naughty children, saying "Roll over, or open up" (if the women don't spread their legs for peri care). The residents seem sheepish and you can tell they're being bullied. I am so new that I am afraid to say anything, but I am SO bothered by it.

    I am 40 so I have been around the block and I love old people. This girl has been there a year and they cut so many corners. They only have RN's who are contracted and aren't really in charge of the CNA's.

    Those of you who are experienced tell me if I'm wrong here. About a 10pm the CNA's make round to check for incontinence. This girl flips on the light over their head, rolls them over harshly and then changes them with another CNA's help. They use the same bag going from room to room which reeks of BM from multiple people by the time they get to the end of the hall. And they are placing this BM bag on their beds! I wanted to scream!

    I don't think I can go back and be labeled as one of these CNA's that tosses around the residents. She's bordering on abuse, but doesn't really HURT them, but she is rough with them and has no respect for the really dependent residents. I am too new to start blowing whistles but I am at my whits end!

    Advice anyone????
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  3. by   Katie89
    The fact that she is 19 should be no excuse. I'm 19 and I would never dream of treating another person like that.

    This is a tough one, because if you talk to her (even nicely) you might just start a feud between you two. It might be worth it, however.
    Talking to management might be worth a try, but usually (if anything) they'll give her a slap on the wrist and no real change will come.
    In the end I would say that you should be an advocate for your residents, even at the risk of making waves. I know it's easy for me to say sitting here than it is for somebody actually in the situation who will have to deal with the repercussions.
    Unfortunately, this seems to be an all-too-common scenario in LTC.
    Good luck, I hope it all turns out okay.
  4. by   Serendipity, PCT
    Nurse is in Jeopardy of losing her License for being a patient advocate: http://www.nursinglink.com/news/arti..._20090421_cool

  5. by   samuelrob22
    Yea that really sucks! That is a hard situation to be in. I would try to meet in the middle with her and tell her your concerns for the residents and if that don't work talk to a charge nurse or just maybe find another job if worse comes to worse. But I wish you luck in it!
  6. by   V9611
    OH MY GOD!!!!! I COULD BEARLY KEEP READING THIS STORY!!! what i would do is write an anonymous letter to the charge nurse or head nurse and if that doesn't work, give a copy to the manager of the facility....If they are at all concerned about the residents, they will act on this, and you would think they would be concerned about the legal issues involved. In the letter state facts, try to document times and dates this has occured and that you are not the only one who has witnessed this. Hopefully something will come of the complaint. and YOu should be proud to be the one to end this mistreatment. I completely understand not wanting to open your mouth as a new employee, So I would just write the letter, It will tell the people in charge, what is really going on. GOOD LUCK.:heartbeat
  7. by   sonomala
    Whistle blowers get fired, it happens all the time. The other cnas will make up stuff, turn you into management and then its your word against theirs. Since the cna has been there awhile, I'd say management knows about it. You said they cut alot of corners, another thing to note before speaking out. If you really like or need to keep your job, I'd keep quiet.
  8. by   V9611
    OH, YEAH...... THAT'S THE TYPE OF NURSING ASSISTANT I WOULD WANT TAKING CARE OF MY GRANDMOTHER OR MOTHER...... KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ABOUT ABUSE..... ISN'T IT YOUR MORAL RESPOSNIBILITY TO CARE FOR YOUR PATIENTS????... I'm sorry but that is a horrible approach to a bad situation, and honestly you sound very young and immiture. YOu are supposed to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves!!!!
  9. by   MichaelCNA
    Have you read your facility handbook regarding abuse? It will likely state that anyone who observes such activity and fails to report it will be terminated. At my place of employment (corporate owned), we have a toll-free number in which you can anonymously indicate abuse without fear of retribution. So, even with these resources, there is no need to "whistle-blow". There are other things you must consider as well. If this CNA is leaving marks, abrasions, or bruises on the Residents, and no incident report is filed, your shift/wing WILL be investigated.

    So, in conclusion, my best advise is, to REPORT her immediately.
  10. by   systoly
    I think the best way to go is to try and show this CNA that she's making it harder on herself. It is much easier to take care of a resident who is relaxed and feels secure. This will probably take some time, but leading by example will have no negative effects on you.
  11. by   Miwila
    My mother is in a nursing home facility now, temporarily while she recovers from surgery, and I sware whenever I read this forum some of the stories make me shudder. Even where my Mom is at a couple of the CNA's can be kind of snippy and disrespectful with patients. I've heard the way they talk to the woman who shares the room with my Mom and my Mom has already complained to me about the CNA's being too rough when they turn her. This forum, compared with my own work experience, is the reason why I would never put my mother or anyone I loved in a nursing home or recommend that anyone I know I do so. When you're paying someone a low wage to take care of 10+ residents exactly what does the healthcare industry and people who put their loved ones in these facilities really think they will get in return?
  12. by   Steve EMT-B
    I kind of had a situation like this when I started. My one shift supervisor told the staff to be nasty towards me so I would do something stupid and get fired or want to quit. After talking to some of the other nurses they told me even though she held a manager position I should report her. I did. I went to my main supervisor, the house supervisor, nursing services supervisor and human resources. In the end she got a slap on the wrist and had to appoligize to me. I am still kinda being treated like a kid by her which kinda upsets me and I have been here over a year and a half. I would personally leave the chip on my shoulder off when I enter my work environment and try and make everyone happy including the patients. Obviously she hasn't left the chip at the door and something is bothering her. I agree that you need to document times she has done wrong. Harsh turning etc... If a bruise or bone gets broken someone might blame the new person. Asked for the same bag going into other patients room I would think that is endangering another person... who knows what isolation diseases such as MRSA, VRE or ECOLI could be transmitting between each patient. I would definetely report that. If you don't get the results you want keep climbing the ladder as I did with my shift manager. Good Luck in your situation.
  13. by   Micki72
    I agree with one of the previous posts. What you described IS abuse. At my facility, you would be written up for failure to report. It is your duty to protect the residents from neglect and abuse. While it may not make you popular (hopefully your management would keep confidential who reported the situation), the right thing to do is report the situation right away.
  14. by   jilajila
    Well, here's an update. I did report the issues to the nurse who hired me. She was very quiet and didn't seem to be upset about it. It's almost like she was embarassed that I was bringing it up. When I went in for my next shift, the rude 19 year old wasn't working with us. I don't know if it was her day off or what. The other CNA didn't mention anything, but didn't seem to know I reported anything.

    At the end of the shift when it came down to sharing one common bag for soiled briefs, I tried to grab a few bags to take along with us. She very quickly stated, "Bring one, that's the way we do it here. What you learn in clinical is different how we do it here." I said I feel uncomfortable doing that because it isn't healthy and isn't good quality care." She said nastily "That's the way we do it here. That's the way I was trained to do it." I said we can't cut corners to make our job easier if it compromises quality care." Then she got mad at me and said that this job is very hard, and they're not trying to make it easier. And I shouldn't say such a thing. Then she snubbed me the rest of the night and hid in the linen closet talking on her cell phone.

    I was offered a job at the hospital this week. I think I'll write a letter and quit. I can't work in an environment where people don't care and will chastise you for caring.