How to keep CNA certificate active?

  1. Hi all - I'm wondering if volunteering will keep a CNA certificate active or do I have to actually get a job as a CNA?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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  3. by   tobimikal
    I think it may depend on the state. Dont quote me on this but I dont think so. Volunteers cant do any skilled duties so I dont think that would work. But you should call your BON and ask. It wouldnt hurt. I know that in Colorado you only have to have a few hours a year to maintain your license so you could work even one day a month and that would be sufficient. Hope this helps
  4. by   Toots71506
    How do you find a CNA position that isn't so set in stone (i.e. 60 hours every 2 weeks)? I have small children and can't possibly work that much as a CNA but would like the experience. Any thoughts?
  5. by   tobimikal
    There are always options but it really depends on what you want and the facility. PRN is always an option. It is minimal hours but you normally dont have time to find a babysitter or whatever. They call, you go. You could check into agency work. You tell them what days and hours you want to work and they accomodate that but you are in different places all the time. Personally I wouldnt do it just because it would be like starting a new job everytime you go to work. But some really like it. Also, almost everyone likes to have an aide or two that only works weekends. Especially since thats when everyone likes to call in the most. If you tell me a bit about your babysitter situation then maybe I could be more specific. Also, are you a nursing student? I know the struggles, I have 3 girls (4,3, and 1). But most places are pretty accomodating because they need CNA's so badly especially in LTC. It may also depend on where you live. Small town or city/metro? I live in Phoenix so we have alot of options, but I did live in a small town in colorado when I first got certified so there wasnt so many options but they were more accomodating I think because there werent many applicants to choose from.
  6. by   Toots71506
    Thanks for your feedback Tobimikal! I am not currently a nursing student but would like to become a CNA to see if my desire to go back to school for nursing is worth the time and money. I live in Minnesota near Minneapolis and St. Paul and the struggle I'm finding is that I see job postings but they're for pretty much full time work. I'd like 8, maybe 16 hours a week and I'd be willing to work only weekends. Finding a babysitter isn't a problem for me right now.
  7. by   tobimikal
    oh okay, I see. Heres what id do then. Dont limit yourself to the jobs that are listed especially since you only want one or two days. Most people are only going to pay to list much needed full time positions, hoping that they can rope their employees into picking up the extra shifts. Also CNA turnover is very very high so things change almost on a daily basis. Just go into some facilities and explain that you would like to work weekends only. Or PRN (as needed) weekends. It really shouldnt be hard at all. I can tell you that you need to stand your ground about the limited number of hours you are wanting. I have started PRN jobs that were suppose to be one shift a week and ended up working 60hr weeks because I am really bad at saying no. The first job I applied for was before I even took the CNA class, I was hoping to just get a trainee position till I took my boards. I walked in the door of a nursing home to turn in the application at the front desk and there happend to be a nurse walking down the hall that saw me come in. She raced up to me, ripped the application out of my hand, didnt even look at it or ask my name, she just said are you an aide? I said I was going to be taking the class in a few weeks and she said can you start at six in the morning. So trust me, its easy. Good luck to you and let me know what happens. Also, feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.
  8. by   Toots71506
    Thank you so much for your feedback! I'll definitely just try going in and talking to someone. I'll let you know what happens!
  9. by   Toots71506
    Okay, before I just go in or call and make a fool of myself, do you have any suggestions? I am thinking I want to work L&D (I know I might not have a choice) so should I just go up to the L&D nurses station and talk to someone? Any thoughts?
  10. by   tobimikal
    No, you need to go into the Human Resources department and talk to the HR that does the hiring. Keep in mind that the flexibility is not going to be as much as it would be in a nursing home and I think that most hospitals dont have cna's in the L&D unit. And your right in that since you have no experience they will probably choose the floor for you but you can always move floors when you get some experience under your belt. But definately dont go to the nurses station. If you can go to the hospital websites, they usually have job postings and it will give you insight into what departments they are needing help in. Also you can see up front how hard up they are for aides and that will tell you how flexible they may be willing to get.
  11. by   Toots71506
    Great, thanks for the information! I really appreciate it.