hoping to get started soon on my new path

  1. I'm 36 and mom of 2, (4 & 2yrs old). I have always had an interest in nursing but never persued it. Before I had my children I had sem-decent jobs and was once an assistant superviser at a flag manufacturing plant. Well, circumstances have changed. I'm a stay-at-home mom but my marriage is not so good. I've decided I wanted a better life for me and my kids and applied at a LTC facility that offers paid training with an job offer with successful completion. The next class doesn't start until June. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Hopefully, I will get a call soon. I was a little nervous because of my age, but now I see, I'm not the only one my age going through this.
    This site has been great. I've been reading all Ican in the posts about cna's for the past few days and just joined.
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  3. by   texastaz
    Did the facility tell you how long the training is? Pay before and after you are licensed? After you are licensed is the job going to be full-time or other? Don't want to discourage you but sometimes training is stretched or delayed because it is a good financial move for the facility and trainees pick-up the extra work load so not as many CNAs are required. It creates a domino effect limiting the hours and shift availability once you are certified.
  4. by   more than a mom
    The training is for three weeks, 8-4:30. Right now there are no full-time postitions, just part-time. They offer training about 4 times/year.
  5. by   texastaz
    Three weeks sounds like a good deal. I don't remember exact-but I went to school for my training it was 4 weeks, hours I believe was 9a or 10a-4p or 4:30p (30min lunch). I think you will benefit being trained in the facility also. I had only one week training in a facility - which was a joke. Once I got my license and actualy started working I felt completly unprepared. I am sure with the facility training you, you will get more hands on traing making you better prepared and more marketable for job placement else where if need be. Good Luck
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    Well, today the ltc home called. I'm really interested in full-time and all they have is part-time and on-call positions. They rarely have full-time. But they did direct me to another ltc faciltiy in my area that has full-time. I gave them a call. The person I spoke to, wasn't very friendly. All that I know is that they have a class scheduled in June, the same date as the other one. I'm hoping to go Wed and fill out an application. Hopefully, I will be able to find out more info. than.
  7. by   more than a mom
    Well, I went this morning and filled out an application for the nurse aide training. I got a phone call this afternoon and have an interview for May 12 at 10. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I hate the waiting period. But that's the way it goes. The longer I have to wait the more nervous I get.
  8. by   plumpNindy
    I am excited for you !!
    I am 36 also with 2 kids.
    I finished my cna class 3 weeks ago and it cost me $1000. (4 week class)
    So in my opinion... free sounds great!!!
    I had 2 weeks of classroom instruction and 2 weeks of hands on training at a facility.
    I feel like it was a joke too.
    I am still waiting on a test date for state testing. 3 weeks later :angryfire
    And have had zero luck finding a job that only hires on a NA certificate.