Home health jobs?

  1. So I recently received my CNA certification in April. I've been applying to so many hospitals, but of course experience is needed and I haven't had any luck. But someone recently told me about this business that specialize in home visits. It sounds good, but my mom keeps freaking me out about it saying that I might run into a crazy person. Is anyone doing home healthcare visits to your clients? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   mvm2
    I work in home care, and have not yet come across anyone who I would say is crazy, or an unsafe enviroment.. One of the things about home care that I love is that at anytime if I would feel uncomfortable or i feel I am not safe I can ask to be taken off the schedule for that client. I and the client have the right to say no. The first time we see a client is just a quick 1/2 hour or so when we can say hi, and meet that client for the first time. You can notice the location and area of the home. What the client is like. Then the schedulers call us and see if everything went ok, and they call the client and see how they feel. If all are ok then you start to work with that client. If for some reason you do not want to work with them then you can decline them.
  4. by   TheNoviceNurse16
    That's good info to know. I'll pass this along to my mom so she can stop worrying! Thanks!
  5. by   LightX
    When I worked for home care, I didn't get to meet the client first. I was assigned, I showed up and worked the schedule. That was how it went.

    I also knew that a nurse had done an visit with the client before me and if that nurse didn't feel safe, they didn't provide services. This was an agency where the visits were private pay, so it may be a bit different. If medicare/medicaid/state pay, the client needs to be served regardless of where they live, etc..