Hi I'm New!! -- I have a few questions

  1. Hi Everybody!

    I am new here and have a few questions. I am going in for my interview for CNA classes tomorrow at 2:00pm. I have wanted to work in healthcare since I was very young!. The thing is, is that I would like to work in a hospital. I know that hospitals hire CNA's, but I'm wondering how. How to do apply to be a CNA at a hospital?. Do you just put in your resume? or do you wait for a job to be open?. I've looked on the local hospital webpages out here but I do not see any openings for CNA's. Also, can you be a patient care technician after getting your CNA certification?.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help!
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  3. by   greeniebean
    You can post a resume online, but most won't hire you until you get your test results back. You can always submit a resume, even if there aren't any openings, just make sure you update it, and make sure you know how long it'll be on file. Good Luck to you.
  4. by   sunflower777
    Hello lntm2925!...When I first started CNA classes Jan 09, my instructor told me that most hospitals would like for a CNA to have 6 months experience in a LTC facilty or whereever first before being considered. I know that every area could be different though. I live in Michigan. I currently work for a hospital doing billing and they have lots of internal positions for PTC 's but I rarely see postings that are displayed publicly. Put your resume out to lots of places, you never know =)
  5. by   Girl Scout
    Hi there,

    Where I'm at, yes, you can get your PCT after you get your CNA. CNA is a pre-req for PCT. I'm taking both as back to back summer courses, and I'm about halfway through CNA (3 wks to go, then my state test, then whammo! back to class for PCT).

    Here where I'm at, there are a lot of listings for CNAs and PCT's/PCA's, but they all want you to have some experience first. Without experience, it's pretty difficult to get a hospital to hire you. Locally, they want you to have 6 months to a year exp. first in either a hospital or LTC.