Hate CNA Class - what should I do?

  1. I recently started a CNA class thinking that it would be a good choice for me. However, I've found that I absolutely hate the work and hate the class. (I know that I won't be attaining nursing assistant certification after this) Worst of all, I hate myself for hating the work. I've been crying after every class because of how stressed it makes me and I've had anxiety attacks during/after the last 3. I know that the value of care I will give to the residents won't be amazing when we have our clinicals and I'm worried about that. I've tried thinking positively and just focusing on helping the residents, but that hasn't been helping my anxiety or stress over the class. What should I do? Should I power through the course or tell the RN that I want to withdraw from the class?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Do you intend to remain in healthcare?
  4. by   BaronHarkness201
    I would like to. I know that I don't want to be a nurse and am leaning more towards becoming a doctor (I don't know what in yet).
  5. by   wyofishgirl
    What exactly are you having the anxiety attacks about? The very personal nature of CNA work like lifts and baths? Feeling like you will miss something important in their care? Interacting with patients in general? If it's a fear of missing things or making a mistake or even interacting with patients, becoming a doctor won't be a good fit at all.