Got offered a CNA job in the ICU! What to expect?

  1. Hi, I was offered a CNA job today in a local hospital's ICU and I was wondering what I could expect working in an ICU? What would I do as a CNA in the ICU, etc. , ectc.? I am a pre-nursing student as well and I'm sure this experience would benefit me greatly, but honestly the thought of starting out in an ICU scares the crap outta me. Any CNA's out there in the ICU or really just anyone that works in the ICU, could ya shed some light on this for me?!?! Thank you!!!:smackingf
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  3. by   classicdame
    Dont worry. They are not going to turn you lose by yourself. You will get to see all the different ways to get vital signs, geta real understanding as why they are VITAL, learn the routine of the unit, maybe how to transcribe orders, chart what you do, take blood sugars and maybe do some other ancillary things. If all you do is vital signs thank your lucky stars that you will get to learn how to do it correctly! You will be agreat area to ask questions and learn about the equipment. Go for it!
  4. by   leeae85
    What kind of ICU is it? I worked in a CCU for 2 years as a CNA/Tech & i loved it! I was going to nursing school at the same time (now a LPN) and I learned a WHOLE lot! They all knew i was in school so they always showed me the neat and interesting proceudres. As a CNA in ICU you are basically the nurse's right hand man. I say go for it!
  5. by   SteveNNP
    I worked in an ICU for a year while in nursing school and loved it! It really took away my fear of ICUs. I did vitals, am care, drew blood, ran EKG's, blood sugars, assisted the pts who had meals, transported pts to other floors, tests, etc. The nurses there only had 2 pts so they helped us with their pts care, eg turning, peri care, etc. We also had assigned duties during codes, such as bagging, compressions, running for equipment, etc. The only downside was that the pts are often total care, heavy and drugged/unconscious. (the unconscious part can be good..depends on how you look at it) Go for it!