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Right now I am currently a CNA or what I like to say caregiver at a nursing home and its my first job what so ever, I've been there five months come May 8th. I'm trying to get in to nursing school I... Read More

  1. by   Merlyn
    Quote from interceptinglight
    Aaaagghhh...anybody who grumbles so much about you sucking probably forgot how much they sucked when they first started out, as we all did at one time. Don't let it get to you!!
    They are Uncircumcised Philistines. Don't give them the time of day.
  2. by   Stardustbowler
    "Im starting to think that as long as no one is left in poo and pee for the next shift then I have done atleast half my job whether it takes me 5 minutes to a half an hour to get some one cleaned up the RIGHT way and comfortable."

    I'm also a new cna working in a ltc. I've been through the same things you are saying...people gossiping about how I
    suck, but one thing I did was ask the person who said it directly why they are saying this. I also told them I was new
    to this and could use all the help they could dish out and they did help me get unsucky. I've only worked 4 months
    and I've had an aide on a shift right after mine actually hug me because I did so much more work. The people that
    complain I don't kiss their butts, but the ones that give me high fives, I do alot for them to make their shift easier. And
    it gets around that I don't kiss butt, so now those aides that were talking, are smiling at me and saying good morning!
  3. by   IdianaCNA1993
    I understand you there. because there are some aides that I have no problem helping and then theres others its like "eh you think your so perfect so have fun" or I suck it up and do things and consider it for the resident and not the other CNA. Like answering call lights, because I feel that a resident soundnt have to wait an hour to get a glass of water or get cleaned up I guess if that makes sense. I work nights but there has been days that I have had to go in 4 hours early to cover for someone that calls in but I think next time Im going to say no because day shift is always well staffed compared to night shift, or I think Im going to ask my supervisor if she has called everyone on the list and if not to call me back if she couldnt get no one to come in because I feel like Im kissung dayshifts butt when its most of them saying these things.
  4. by   lyfhckr
    Everytime i overhear a gossip about someone who i think is being misunderstood, i always let them know what i think of the person being a good worker. Don't be quite if you hear negative issues like this because if it goes on, it's unhealthy in the workplace.