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:monkeydance: Have you ever heard of job corps? There are over 150 locations in the USA. IF you are interested in going into the medical field Job Corps, a goverment program, will place you at a... Read More

  1. by   pnstudent007
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    Ah. The Race Card.
    easy for you to say
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    easy for you to say
    to all posters:

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  3. by   dswtexan
    I would like more info for Job Corps on free CNA and LVN classes and training.

  4. by   ruthie21
    hi i live in ny, and would like to know if you cna, what are the requirements for the lpn program with jocorps in uppstate new york. And if anybody did the program can you give me more info about, thanks.
  5. by   LuieNy
    -Bump- (same question as above) but i already too my cna somwhere else so can you join if you didint take THEIR cna course?
  6. by   lala71848
    Ive tried calling but the number is unavailable does anyone know if this is still available?
  7. by   BabyGirlx3
    That sounds awesome. But I have a question, why 6-8 months for CNA Training? I took my class, (Yes I had to pay, only 575) but it was 2 weeks. Class//Clinicals. Then my test for 176.50. 6-8 months seems like a long time. But that could just be me..