Free Cna Training In Chicago Il!!!

  1. I know somebody out there is looking for it and I found it!!!! These classes fill in fast, after 6 months (3 classes) i'm finally getting in. In norridge, IL, a surrounded subburb, there is a nursing facility called Norridge Nursing. They have a free cna program that offers the ability to work after week 2. They also have a bonus, if you stay for 6 months as a cna they give you $500.

    I did an ambulance transport to Gottlieb Hospital and a new cna rode along with the patient. She and I talked about it for a couple hours and thats how I found out.


    They do not have much info online about it, you can go inside and ask for the cna training application from the receptionist. (FILL IT OUT THERE, trust me they will loose it)

    Good Luck

    Hope this helps somebody, i looked for 6 months
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    everyone needs to see this it's a hugggge deal for chicago people
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    Im actually rather shocked nobody replied to this, I searched everywhere to gain this info, i guess i'm the only poor guy looking for FREE training.

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    LOL you aren't the ony one looking for free training, just more than likely in that area. I would love to find something like this in Orlando, FL. IT's good you posted it just incase there are lurkers who don't post and need that info.
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    I would love to find out about this. Is Norridge the only place it is offered?? I am currently working in a hospital and want to advance by taking classes.
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    yea i searched seriously like every day for 6 months in Chicago to find a free place, this is absolutely the only one i've found. They give you a free scrub uniform at the completion of school, $500 at the 6 month mark, a raise and then another $500 at the 12 month mark.
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    I'm glad I found this site by googling for free classes. Norridge is a little out of my way but I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.
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    For a free list of CNA programs in any state you can look at where you can pick your state and see what facilities offer training. It does not say which programs are free or what the cost is; you need to call and find out yourself. I found this helpful since you can just focus on the providers in your particular area. Good luck to everyone out there searching for classes!
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    ha. i knw i'm really late, but how long is the program @ Norridge? I just became a member and saw this post. I'm really interested, even tho it's a little out of my way (i live on the south side and would have to take public transportation to and from) any feedback is greatly appreciated...Thanks!!!
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    Um..Northridge itsn't in Chicago... Its like 5 hours away from the city...
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    it says NORRIDGE...not Northridge