First night of training at very first CNA job. NERVOUS.

  1. I got hired at a skilled nursing facility/Alzheimer's unit/Nursing home. I'm in a float pool going to all three of those departments, from what I understand.

    I'm being trained today on the 3-11 shift so that I can pick it up if I want to. I'm being trained Mon, Tuesday and Thursday on the 6 AM to 1:30 PM shift, which will be my main shift.

    Any tips for me on my first day of training? My heart feels like it's going to jump out of my chest here.
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  3. by   Orange Tree
    Just stay busy and be helpful (should be easy enough) . Ask questions about anything you're unsure of.

    My first nursing clinical was in an Alzheimer's unit. I managed to get a "bedrest" patient out of bed, dress him in his roommate's clothes and take him to the dining room. He had been lying in his roommate's bed and had no ID, so I thought he was the roommate. Opps! I also assisted a visitor in finding his way to the elevator. He turned out to be a patient trying to escape. Sooooo, don't do those things!
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  4. by   esand
    Awesome advice, thank you.

    Also, my scrubs are huge on me, mainly the pants. I'm an extra small chick with a very small chest, so is this acceptable? I'll post a picture.

  5. by   RJay25
    Personally I think your scrubs are fine you dont want anything snug you need to be able to move around freely.
  6. by   Orange Tree
    Yep, you've got to be able to move! Scrub pants can rip wide open if they're too small.
  7. by   esand
    Rip wide open? Oi, I don't want that. I was advised to replace the shirt with an extra small, but keep the pants.

    First night went absolutely awesome. I learned a ton and really got my hands dirty, both figuratively and literally. ;p Tomorrow I'll be on the 1st shift, which kind of sucks because I really bonded with the 2nd shift STNAs and we work very well together. They were extremely short so I worked more than I was trained, because she didn't have the time to be training me. That was cool with me, I prefer to learn the hard way.
  8. by   Orange Tree
    Congratulations! I'm glad you had a good night.