Every CNA Should Read This Book!

  1. Oh, I'm so glad I found this website! Someone please read this book - I am DYING to hear what someone else thinks about it!

    Nobody's Home:Candid Reflections of a Nursing Home Aide by Thomas Edward Gass.

    I never worked in a nursing home (in fact, the only health care facility I worked in had a very unique patient population), but I could relate to this book on so many levels. The author gives a first-hand account of what it's like to work in a home, including the neglect that takes place , the "inappropriate" jokes I think we all make about our patients at one time or another:uhoh21: , etc. In one passage, he describes changing a woman's soiled briefs, and I could almost physically feel what it would actually be like to have little/no control of your body and have someone you don't know from adam expose, then proceed to clean the most private parts of your body.

    I know there's a Book Store forum, but I thought this thread would be more appropriately posted here.
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  3. by   babygirl24
    hey thanks for the suggestion. Im in the last chapter of the book and really enjoyed it. Im not quite yet a CNA so it deffinatly made me think about if this was what I really want to do. I think he did a wonderful job in talking about everything the beautiful and not so in a nursing home. Anyway thanks im always looking for a good read.
  4. by   chadash
    thanks for the recommendation!
    We really need to speak up about some of the issues that arise in nursing homes, many of them involving NAs...