CNA's: What's your favorite shift? - page 8

Hello CNA's! :spin: I will be getting certified as a nursing assistant this summer, and was just wondering: What shift do you work? 7-3, 3-11, or 11-7? Does your schedule differ or do you always... Read More

  1. by   vampcna
    I work noc shift and I love it. For the most part the patients are sleeping and there
    seems to be more commradery than on the other 2 shifts. No administration, no
    doctors, no families. But we have way more patients, so it is a trade off. I don't think
    I could work days cuz most,not all, am cnas are b*****s.
  2. by   cogath
    Eve's is the best. Day shift is so busy, plus you are running as soon as you are on the floor in order to get people ready in time for breakfast. On evenings you have some time before supper, and then the only busy part is getting people to bed; then the night (usually) quiets down a bit.