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  1. Hello!
    I am currently a 17 year old who just finished the CNA class. All I left to do is take the test to get my license and in a week I will be 18 and able to work as a CNA. I am extremely eager to work in a hospital. I worked in 2 hospitals during clinicals and I absolutely loved it. I want to work in my local hospital so bad. However I am also in high school. I start senior year next week and have been working most of high school so balancing work and school isn't a huge problem at this point. However I am at high school from 8:00-12:30 plus 2 college classes plus my current job. Is it possible to go to high school and also work as CNA? It's obviously very different from most high school jobs especially when it comes to hours.

    Any advice? Anything will be greatly appreciated!
    Been looking at taking the PCT or EMT classes too so let me know if you all think that is worth looking in to.
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  3. by   OHN19
    It's totally possible. I had done the same thing when I was in High School. Just be prepared for long days. Hospitals typically don't hire High School CNAs because of labor laws, but that depends on the state you're working in.

    If it's truly what you want to do, then go for it. Just make sure school comes first. You can't continue on to college if you fail out of high school because you're working too much.
  4. by   Cheeze
    That's so comforting knowing that someone else has done it so thank you. I'm not sure if the hospital will hire me but I live in Idaho where workers rights are basically not existent lol. But you're right, school should come first. Thank you!
  5. by   Here.I.Stand
    I worked with many 16-17 yr olds as a CNA. I was 18 myself, although didn't get a job until the summer. We were hired as casual employees, vs full time or regular part time -- that way we didn't have to juggle school much. We would give the ADON our availability before schedules were made. At the time I was an out-of-state college student, so worked during my breaks. During the summers I worked near full time hours and picked up extra shifts to put $$$ away.

    While still in high school, you may be looking at weekends, but check -- many nursing facilities in my area regularly scheduled short shifts. On evenings, we had two 1500-2330 CNAs, and also a 1600-2200 CNA to cover during dinner and HS. I want to say the day short shifter went home after the residents' lunch basically extra help during the busiest times and not have to pay someone during the quieter times.
  6. by   Orion81RN
    You can do weekends, PRN, Registry, 3-11 (as a PCT in my hospital it was 8 hr shifts.) Its doable. Good luck!