1. I'm currently a CNA in the state of FL and work at an ALF. I'm interested in saving as much money as I can before starting the LPN program and thinking about applying for VITAS, a home health agency, for extra income. There are plenty of PRN openings in my area but they all say CNA/HHA certification required and I'm wondering if you have your CNA licence do you need HHA (Home Health Aide) certification as well. I've searched my good friend google high and low but to no avail. I was thinking about just taking a HHA course and found out it's $550 which is the exact amount I payed to get my CNA. So is CNA AND HHA basically the same or at the same level? If so I'm going to apply and hope for the best.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    When the job listing says "CNA/HHA", they will take either. A HHA certificate in addition to the CNA will be helpful in the hiring process, but it is not necessary. One must hold a CNA certificate to obtain the HHA. HHA is usually about one week after the CNA course.
  4. by   It'sYaGirlK
    I put in a few applications so far..If no response is received I'll take the course...thanks so much for your response and have a great day