CNA: Stuck between great Nursing Home job offer, and Hospital potential offer.

  1. I am a new male CNA in Wisconsin, however I already had experience in the medical field as a Caregiver in a CBRF dementia unit, with medication administration experience. I know how it can be dramatic at all the facilities, because as we all know there is a lot of women. I just recently quit the first nursing home job I got as a CNA, because this place was the worst of the worst with the drama and hostility ! I've been to other facilities through an agency I work for, most of the time I am highly appreciated by the female staff, and also very welcome. I also never dealt with so many female patients that did not want men in their rooms at all !!! There too many residents who were known for falsely accusing male CNAs in the past apparently. I just had to get out for the sake of not losing my license or ever getting framed just because I'm male ! The CNAs were just to spiteful with one another, and I could tell they were already starting to take advantage of me just because I'm a guy, and they assume I don't need help with changing 2 asst patients. They were already starting to make up false statements patients would supposedly say to get me in trouble. Those same patients told me themselves that it was not true that they ever said that, which I know they were not lying. Now I got a job offer at the nursing home where I did my clinicals which is top rated in the area, and a hospital interview tomorrow. If I were to get the job offer at the hospital, what should I do ?! What would be a better long term choice for a male CNA like me that wants to learn and pursue a nursing career. I don't like jumping from job to job so I want to make the best choice while I go to school, HELP !!!
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  3. by   brownbook
    I'm a little did your clinicals in the top rated nursing home. But you've never worked there! Doing clinicals can be way different from working in a facility.

    Either way in my humble opinion experience in an acute care hospital is better than a nursing home.

    It's easier to have acute care experience on your resume and then apply for work in a nursing home. Than only nursing home experience and trying to get hired into acute care.
  4. by   Sour Lemon
    I don't know if you've gone to your interview yet, but if you haven't, I would advise that you not mention any of that drama.
    I would also focus less on your "maleness". Just be a CNA, not a male or a female CNA.
    Good luck!