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  1. Hello CNAs and MAs I have a couple of questions about where to start to become a CNA I'm currently taking classes for business administration health administration and I wanted to have some extra background knowledge on becoming a CNA name before I get certified is there anything schooling or studies or trainings that I may need to become a CNA I was in a school call UMA and and I received their certificates in for medical billing now I want to pursue my actual dream please guys help me find my next step to become a CNA
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Check with your local high school, adult education department, work opportunity center, the American Red Cross, community colleges, long term care facilities, or proprietary schools for CNA classes. Do a search for "CNA course" on the internet, to find these. You will receive all the instruction you need during the course, no need to look for anything else, with the possible exception of BLS (CPR) certification, if you want to do it on your own.
  4. by   2bNurseDom 👩🏽 ⚕️, CNA
    I just earned my CNA certification in December. It was a piece of cake. The information I learned was valuable and will stick with me forever. The state exam was very similar to any practice exams you will have during your CNA program. Good luck to you!!!