CNA School, What to Expect?

  1. Hello, I start school to become a CNA in Texas in a few weeks and would like to know what to expect? It's a 5 week program. What school supplies, if any, do I need? & Should I purchase a stethoscope? I plan on applying for the LVN/LPN program once I complete the CNA program (I need to have 6 months of medical experience or a medical certificate in order to apply otherwise I would have gone straight into LVN/LPN).
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  3. by   PediatricMA
    I took it here in Ohio and it was 2 weeks long. I would suggest you buy a stethoscope, especially if you're going to a LPN program anyways. We used basic school materials, notebooks, pens, highlighters. Not really anything too specific. I would just say to take a lot of reminder notes, especially with the clinical stuff. Good luck!
  4. by   Missingyou
    You probably won't need a stethoscope during CNA training but, since you plan to go to nursing school, it won't hurt.
    A watch with a second hand will be very helpful. Comfortable shoes would be a good thing too.

    You will learn basic personal care, safe transferring a patient, how to take vitals.....
    It would be VERY helpful to have a brief overview of diseases like Parkinson's and dementia in general since they will be your biggest challenges when working as a CNA but, they probably won't teach you that in class.
  5. by   cduenes41
    I would advise calling the school and asking them what kind of supplies you will need as each program has their own setup. We didn't need to purchase a stethoscope. All of that was provided during class. We did cover several forms of dementia, with the main focus on Alzheimer's, and other illnesses associated with the aging patient. Patient care and safety, Resident's Rights, laws regarding Nursing Homes, and basic personal care of the resident was also covered. This isn't and exhaustive list. Just an overview.

    All the best!