CNA ??'s

  1. Ok, I have a few questions...
    In May Im taking my CNA classes so I can be working in a hospital while waiting to start nursing school. Is that the scenario for most of you?

    Also, what do you do? Do you work at a hospital, or a care facility & what is your job description?

    I do want the experience & to get out of my desk job desperately, but I dont know if I could handle just cleaning up poop all day every day...

    Is it extremely busy were you work or do you have a chance to catch your breath and take a break, etc.?

    Any pros/cons & if you are comfortable disclosing what you make?

    Thank you SOO much!
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  3. by   Mzshaqui
    Don't get discouraged. you have to crawl before you can walk. i feel the same way, but i was told that once you get your cna cartificate that you have to keep it active for 2 years. if you don't you will have to take the class over again. that sucks worse than cleaning poop all day every day.
  4. by   krazy_coconuts
    I've worked as an aide for over two years in a hospital. My job description includes: vital signs, glucose checks, adl's, some dressing changes, pretty much basic nursing care as well as assisting the nurse in some things. I've also been crossed trained to work as a telementry tech (monitoring EKGs) on the cardiac floor I work on. As far as cleaning up poop all day long, a lot will probably depend on where you work, plus it'll only make you a better nurse IMO. You can usually tell the nurses that never worked as a CNA before- at least the ones that think that cleaning up poop is "not their job".
  5. by   TiggerBelly
    I am also waiting to get into nursing school. I am currently taking my pre-reqs. As far as getting breaks everyday- sometimes yes and sometimes no. Most of the time yes I do however there are days when you have 2 people call out and you are already shortstaffed and it seems like everything under the sun is going wrong. I currently work in a ALF as an aide/med tech. If I'm on the floor I wake residents up, assist with ADLs, clean rooms answer bells, help toilet etc etc. If I'm a med tech I pass out meds, do blood sugars, B/Ps etc etc. As far as cleaning up poop everyday #1 it honestly doesn't bother me. #2 Whenever I do become a nurse I do not expect someone else to be around to clean up someone I am taking care of. Might as well get used to it ya know?