Cna Jobs For New Male Grads?

  1. Hi Everyone.
    My Husband Did A Cna Training Course And He Claims He Can't Find A Job Anywhere. His Schoold Did Not Offer Placement Assistance And Everywhere He Sends His Resume, They Don't Call Him For An Interview.
    He Claims That No One Will Hire Him Becauses He Is A Male With No Cna Experience. What Can We Do? Where Can He Find Work?
    Any Suggestions Would Be Greatly Appreciated.
    We Live In New York.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I would look for other explanations (rather than gender) for his situation. There are just too many male NA's out there who have little trouble finding positions.

    How does his resume look? Has he had it reviewed by someone who does that for a living? How many applications did he complete?

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  4. by   Plagueis
    I'm surprised that he's having a hard time finding work. Most nursing homes desperately need CNAs. Around here, some nursing homes require that a CNA present proof of graduation from a CNA class, certification (which shows that you don't have a criminal background), and an application. I've never seen one that required a resume. Some CNAs I know say that when they went in to fill out an application, they were able to be interviewed by a supervisor, who said that pending the call to some references, they would be hired, since they really needed the help. I was hired as a CNA right out of CNA class, and many of my friends were, too. I wish your husband well.