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  1. Hi there cna's I am new cna I just got certified and am trying to find some type of agency that will help you find a cna job.I live in kansas city mo but I got my certificate in ks so I would really apperciate if some one can help me out and maybe give me and idea where to start. Maybe the names of the agencies where I can go apply at. Please any one that knows of any agencies. If you can I really would like to in the assisted living areas
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Moved to the CNA Forum for more responses. Good luck!
  4. by   casi
    I've never heard of an agency that helps CNA find jobs.

    When I went looking for my CNA job I scoured local newspapers and job websites. I also went to the phone book and wrote down the names and addresses of the Nursing Homes and Assisted Livings in my area and went out in person for job applications. I figured with the turned over of CNAs if the facilities weren't immediately hiring, they would be soon.
  5. by   l_wheat
    In my part of CA some of the the nursing agencies also handle CNAs and HHAs, so call the nursing agencies, if the ones you call don't handle CNAs they probably know who does. Good luck